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Call K6 today at 214-352-7546 to schedule your thermography.

Whole body thermography gives you the information to take charge of your health. See what is driving your health problems and address the root cause instead of chasing symptoms. This safe, trauma free, and non-invasive test gives an in depth look at how your body is regulating. There is no other single test on the market that can give you such an in depth and predictive look at your health. Whether you know your health issue or have no clue at all- find how to better support and take care of your health with Whole Body Thermography.

Get Started

One of our friendly staff members will be glad to help you pick the time that best suits you. A whole body thermography scan consists of 2 separate appointments.  The actual thermography is a 45 minute appointment with a follow up appointment with our ND that lasts 30 minutes to review the results of your scan.  They can be scheduled as little as one day apart.  

To insure the most accurate test possible, very strict protocols must be followed in the days ahead of your thermography. Click here for instructions regarding your thermography.

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